W&H Turbines, Handpieces, Sterilisation & Oral Surgery

W&H produces top quality dental products such as dental turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces, piezo scalers for prophylactic treatment, products for oral surgery and sterilisers for dentistry.

W&H products are used in dental practices, hospitals, laboratories and surgical units around the world and are known and respected by dentists and dental surgeons for their reliability, innovation, ease of use and lack of complexity, making treating patients easier.


Turbines & Handpieces


Dental turbines for the dentist. Whatever you encounter... you are prepared for anything with W&H turbines for Restoration & Prosthetics.

Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces

Optimum service life and quiet operation for the dentist. The superb quality and precision of Synea contra-angle handpieces will make your daily work significantly easier.


Sterilisation & Hygiene


Made-to-measure precision and perfection. Moist heat in the form of saturated steam under pressure, is by far the most reliable medium, known for the destruction of all forms of microbial life.

Therefore, W&H provides you with the professional water steam sterilisers Lisa and the autoclave Lina.

Reprocessing Devices

Perfectly maintained instruments are longer lasting. Correct cleaning and lubrication are essential to the function and long working life of dental instruments.


Dental Laboratory

Laboratory Devices

Good, better, perfecta.

Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces

Air Scaler


Oral Surgery

Surgical Devices

Safe, reliable, powerful. You are prepared for anything with W&H surgical devices for oral surgery and implantology.

Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces

With Mini LED+ for oral surgery and implantology. The surgical handpieces and contra-angle handpieces for oral and maxillofacial surgery offer optimal illumination of the treatment site and facilitate perfect accurate treatment results.



Cordless Devices

Complete freedom of movement without the hindrance of a cable reel, safe treatment and excellent visibility during procedures. Thanks to Entran, the cable-free handpiece from W&H.

Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces

Three mechanical Endo systems – fast, safe and efficient. Mechanical preparation of the root canal is becoming more prevalent. W&H Endo systems provide the best preconditions for even safer and more accurate preparation.