Renfert Laboratory Equipment


Sympress® II dispensing unit

Make your first impression your best impression!

An automatic mixing machine specifically designed for fast and efficient dispensing of two-component impression materials packaged in 380ml cartridges.

  • Designated mixing programme
  • Two mixing speeds provide a homogenous, void-free mix
  • Hygienic working at the press of a button; only the required amount of material is delivered
  • Flow rate can be selected for loading trays or syringes, automatic forward and return flow
  • State-of-the-art technology: easy, reliable operation
  • A wall-mount attachment is available separately offering additional placement options

SYMPRO cleaning unit

Make your first impression your best impression!

SYMPRO is a compact, high-performance cleaning unit for dentures, orthodontic appliances and splints.

  • Maximum oral hygiene increases the well-being of the patient and promotes patient loyalty.
  • The fully automatic process involves virtually no labor costs.
  • Time-saving work preparation for repairs, extensions and relines.
  • Aids in the early detection of damage due to regular, prophylactic cleaning.
  • Functional reliability based on high-quality processing.
  • Easy, intuitive operation ensures process reliability

The needles are the key factor

A rotary magnetic field sets the needles in motion, which causes gentle, mechanical removal of the surface accretion.

The rotating needles heat up the cleaning solution to approx. 45°C (113°F), which accelerates the chemical reaction. The needles are made of an acid-resistant alloy. They are cut at precisely right angles and also designed for maximum efficiency and durability.

This has the effect of increasing efficiency while at the same time protecting the surface of the object.

We have the ideal chemistry!

Suitable cleaning fluids for this denture cleaning technology are:

SYMPROfluid Universal

Is used for cleaning in combination with the device. This fluid is used for removing "standard" accretion such as plaque, calculus, discoloration and adhesive denture creams.

SYMPROfluid Nicoclean

Also removes heavy nicotine stains from dentures. It is used in the form of follow-up treatment without the use of the device.

SYMPRO Brochure