SYMPRO Denture Cleaning Unit

Compact, high-performance cleaning unit for dentures, orthodontic appliances and splints.

  • Positive effect on the patient's overall health due to regular denture cleaning.
  • High time savings compared to manual methods thanks to effective and automated cleaning process.
  • Optimized pin geometry for gentle and at same time effective cleaning.
  • High cleaning performance due to optimal bowl inclination.
  • Easy cleaning of temporary restorations in combination with SYMPRO mini cup and temp:ex temporary cement remover.


  • Customer retention – a prophylaxis service for denture wearers
  • Processing reliability - validated, hygienic reprocessing of system components
  • Patient satisfaction – externally tested material compatibility with standard dental materials

Before and after cleaning with SYMPRO and help:ex


help:ex plaque f

Ready-to-use, acidic cleaning liquid for use in combination with the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. Fast and reliable removal of the most common deposits such as tartar and plaque.
  • 4x 1L

help:ex plaque p

Pre-portioned powder to be mixed with water for use in the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. Reliable removal of plaque and tartar. Neutralization of the cleaning solution after use in the SYMPRO unit (PH-neutral) using the neutralization powder supplied.
  • 20x 20g cleaning powder + 20x 4.5g neutraliser

help:ex discolor f

Ready-to-use, alkaline, special cleaner for removal of stubborn discolorations such as tobacco tar, coffee, and tea stains from removable dental restorations. To be used afterwards outside of the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit.
  • 1L

SYMPRO Brochure