RXDC HyperSphere

Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology. RXDC - Hypersphere technology brings the best of DC X-ray units into your surgery.

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Prcision x-ray imaging
  • Innovative ergonomics
  • Complete reliability

Hyper Ergonomy.

HyperSphere technology gives the RXDC unit full rotation capability.

The tube revolves freely around the joint, allow it to reach practically any position, including the vertical. RXDC - HyperSphere technology also features an automatic touch-sensitive device for simple, efficient locking/release of the X-ray head tube so it can be repositioned effortlessly between one exposure and the next. Ergonomic zones on the sides of the head provide a firm grip for effective positioning.


Simple and immediate: Wireless

The wireless remote controller lets the user control the device (by communicating with the X-ray tube) while enjoying full freedom of movement.

Access to exposure programmes is provided via two simple settings. The large display shows the sequential exposure monitor and the patient exposure dose; moreover, the controller has a wireless X-ray snapshot button. Wireless device control allows fast, easy installation: no fixed control panels are required, thus providing greater freedom when positioning the X-ray unit.

Hyper Performance


With a tiny focal spot of 0.4 mm (at 30 cm), RXDC - HyperSphere technology produces sharp images under any condition.

The tube head is now even more powerful as it operates at 70 kV, 8 mA. RXDC - HyperSphere technology gives your surgery the precision and quality of cuttingedge know-how.


RXDC eXTend Wireless

RXDC - Intraoral x-ray unit with eXTend wireless technology.

Maximum image quality, minimum dose for the patient.

RXDC - eXTend technology provides always-sharp images, a full configuration range and the exclusive flexibility of wireless technology.

High-frequency, constant potential DC generator

This technology gives sharp images with greater detail and lower exposure times than would be attainable with AC X-ray units, which are characterised by variable emissions.

Moreover, constant-potential design ensures image generation is unaffected by power fluctuations.

RXDC - eXTend technology is reliable for all diagnostic needs and always provides high-definition images by adapting to the sensor type.


Always-sharp images

The focal spot of just 0.4 mm is placed in the tube head in such a way as to obtain a source-to-skin gap of 30 cm (total bulk remaining equal).

In this way RXDC - eXTend technology implements extensive internal collimation of the X-rays and gives an extremely small focal spot, producing ever-sharper images and ever-more precise detail.


Automatic parameter modulation ensures the best exposure power/time selection: parameters are automatically determined on the basis of the patient’s build and the specific region of investigation. With 28 selectable sensitivity levels, sharp images are guaranteed with any sensor.


Attention to patient health is meticulous: a high frequency, constant potential generator minimises exposure times and reduces harmful radiation. Where deemed appropriate, the 4 mA mode halves the amount of X-rays. The interchangeable rectangular collimator cone (at 30 cm) further reduces the rradiated body surface area by adapting it to the effective surface area of the sensor.


No downtimes as a result of tube overheating, not even when repeated use is required.The fast dynamic duty cycle allows, in fact, sequential exposures by keeping tube temperature under constant control on the large hand-held unit display.

Fast installation and wireless control

The efficiency of wireless technology with maximum simplicity of use.

The wireless controller frees users from the limits posed by on-machine control panels or wall-mounted controls. It is equipped with a button for ultra-fast shooting (fraction of a second) and two simple settings which make it easy to select the most suitable X-ray acquisition programme.


Simple installation, versatility, reliability

The solid extruded aluminium arms are made of high quality materials that ensure strength and durability while reducing the risk of accidental vibration during acquisition.

They are available in lengths of 40 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm and can be pointed in 6 directions to provide maximum adaptability and simplicity of installation.



RXDC - HIGH FREQUENCY Intraoral x-ray unit.

Highest quality with lowest exposure.

Always-sharp images, versatility and meticulous attention to patient health. With RXDC you get the best DC technology with the lowest X-ray dose.

High frequency dc generator for sharp images and lower effective dose

The constant potential high frequency generator (DC) provides sharp images with the very highest level of detail.

Compared to AC systems, they also reduce exposure times and the amount of harmful radiation by containing the dose administered to the patient.

A focal spot of just 0.4 mm - one of the smallest available - ensures images are always sharp and of the highest quality. High definition real-time imaging.


Precision diagnostics

Superb image definition: sharp edges and excellent detail.

An embedded collimator cone gives a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm.

This increases X-ray parallelism, providing more precise images, lower doses and ensuring greater attention to patient health.

RXDC offers maximum flexibility and optimum X-ray quality whatever the type of sensor connected.


Simple installation, versatility, reliability

RXDC provides outstanding adaptability and simplicity of installation thanks to extruded aluminium arms with an integrated self-balancing system that can be pointed in 6 directions - available in lengths of 40 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm. All parts are made from materials of only the finest quality to minimize maintenance costs and reduce the risk of accidental vibration during acquisition.


Versatile and adaptable

Wall-mounted with variable positions or in a mobile cart-mounted version (to be shared among multiple workstations), RXDC is extremely versatile and easily adapts to all your working needs.

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