Hyperion X9:
full empowerment

All the possible choices in one touch. Hyperion X9 adapts to your work, optimizes your time, satisfies your needs. A hybrid platform with exceptional performances. Hyperion X9 unites advanced technology and simplicity of use, thereby ensuring you excellent diagnostic analyses in a short time. Try out a new level of efficiency thanks to the automatic alignment of the 2D and 3D detectors. Adapt the platform to your needs: three exceptional solutions, easy to adapt and flexible. Hyperion X9 offers you a wide range of 2D analyses, cephalometric projections and all the best of 3D technology.

  • 12 configurations
  • Rapid update
  • Relocatable PAN/CEPH detector
  • Automatic selection of the dedicated 2D and 3D detectors (Patented)

Full 3D. Only Hyperion X9 offers you an innovative FOV, unique of its kind since it is dynamic.

The best for your clinic, excellence in your diagnoses. Extend your vision, broaden your work: with the innovative function of Extended View beyond 11 cm of diameter, you will have a FOV (field of view) up to 13 cm of height.

For the sake of complete analyses, optimized upper and lower jaw and maxillary sinus scans. A single acquisition, a universe of details: double scan, single volume, moderate dose.

  • Cone Beam 3D HD technology
  • Extended View (Patent Pending)
  • Dynamic FOV
  • Intelligent collimation

Full HD Vision. Perfection in details.

Every detail, from every viewpoint, for the sake of complete, effective and quick diagnoses.


Hyperion X9 adopts a FOV up to 11 cm of diameter, in order to allow us complete diagnoses with maximum efficiency.
You will thus have at your disposal the whole dentition, including the complete roots of the third molars (the wisdom teeth) and the surrounding bone structures. No limit to the planning of multiple implants, even with the use of surgical guides.


Volumetric acquisition with a full 360° scan capable of eliminating the artefacts of the resulting image. High resolution at extremely low X-ray doses: excellent quality, detailed particulars, fast diagnosis. Hyperion X9 ensures you excellence with a maximum voxel resolution of 75 μm across the full arch. The constant potential generator with pulsed mode emission automatically optimizes the parameters according to the patient, thereby ensuring maximum results with minimum exposure (3.6 s).


Stability and comfort: choose the best with as many as 7 support points for the sake of a stable patient under all circumstances.
With a seat for the chin, the adjustable self-locking forehead support and the replaceable bite block, the positioning system has never been so simple and effective. Perfect images in every situation (3 patent pending).

Perfection in two dimensions

Hyperion X9 offers an efficient dedicated detector for 2D diagnostics (PAN/CEPH), relocatable and releasable, fastened onto a safety device; with the possibility of adding a second detector so as to carry out cephalometric projections.

  • Optimized focal layer
  • Uniform enlargement of all projections
  • Advanced kinematics (3 engines):2 translations, 1 rotation
  • Fast positioning, Face To Face,4 Laser traces
  • Lower radiogenic dose


A highly synchronized kinematics structured around a rotary motion and two simultaneous translatory movements, for purposes of a constant enlargement of all the projections. The optimized focal layer follows the morphology of the patient, for the sake of images always in focus and a universe of high definition details.


4 laser traces for a fast positioning, with maximum comfort. Absolute precision, unmatchable efficiency: the patient feels comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design which enables a direct visual contact during the procedure. The patient is more relaxed, the diagnosis is more serene, the work is perfect.


Thanks to the primary servo controlled collimator, it is possible to select the exact area to expose to X-rays (Patented). The secondary collimator for cephalometric projections is integrated into the rotating module, which allows a on-floor footprint with minimum cephalometric arm, freeing in any event a larger space for both operator and patient (Patent Pending).


Full Imaging. Faster than imagination.

Hyperion X9 brings you maximum speed in image sharing. Simple, practical, effective. Under all circumstances.

Hyperion X9 facilitates your work through the innovative patented MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology). Automatically secure the recognition of the patient’s morphology for a correct X-ray exposure and an optimal image. With the aid of MRT, there is no need to plan exposure times or technical factors such as the kV or mA level. Hyperion X9 avoids over- or under-exposed images, thereby preserving the quality of your diagnostics and avoiding useless radiogenic doses to the patient (2 Patent Pending).

  • MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology)
  • Scout View and automatic repositioning
  • Servo controlled patient positioning
  • Pluggable onto a tablet

MyRay Hyperion X9 Brochure