MyRay Extraoral & Intraoral Digital X-ray Units & Sensors

MyRay is a worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world.

The product range, each with specific technological innovations aimed at enhancing the in-surgery work experience, includes intraoral cameras, X-ray units and wireless sensors, 2D panoramic imagers, Cone Beam 3D multiple imaging platforms and high-performance software.


Extraoral X-ray Units

Hyperion X9 Pro

The 3-in-1 system designed for the future.

Hyperion X5 3D/2D

Easy 3D/2D diagnostics.

Hyperion X9

Hyperion X9, just right for me.

Hyperion X5 2D

Just right for me!

Intraoral X-ray Units

RXDC Hypersphere

Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology.


High frequency intramural x-ray unit.

RXDC eXTend Wireless

Maximum image quality, minimum dose for the patient.

Intraoral Sensors


Advanced portable imaging system


High-definition direct USB X-ray sensor.