EMS Scalers & Cleaning Units

AIRFLOW Cleaning Units

The Original AIRFLOW Method developed by EMS utilizes an air-powder mixture and water for a variety of preventive and restorative dental treatments. Not only does it make air-polishing reliable and efficient for the dental practice, it also delivers patient comfort since it utilizes no curettes and makes no noise.

With the gentle application of kinetic energy, it causes no damage and will not scratch the tooth surface. In short, the Original AIR-FLOW Method is the key to success for practitioner and patient alike.

The advantages of AIRFLOW:

  • Removes dental plaque and hence helps preventing periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis
  • Removes teeth stains
  • Helps maintain implants sound
  • Cleans and opens fissures for sealing
  • Cleans prior to bonding orthodontic brackets

Piezon Scalers

The Original Piezon Method is designed to offer maximum protection of the gums, virtually painless treatment and therefore to maximize patient comfort. Unlike other methods, the Piezon® Method developed by EMS delivers controlled oscillating action aligned with the tooth surface. While other instruments apply a marked oscillating action that is angulated to the tooth surface – and therefore cause pain or discomfort – the Original Piezon Method produces a uniformly smooth tooth surface with minimal abrasion.

The advantages of PIEZON:

  • Virtually painless treatment
  • Efficient delivery due to 32,000 movements per second as well as cavitation and acoustic streaming
  • Optimum instrument control and efficiency in all applications
  • Automatic power adjustment
  • No damage to the oral gingival epithelium
  • No irritation caused by aggressive power output or noise
  • Gentle and comfortable for endo applications
  • More power for restorative procedures