Durr X-ray Processing Equipment

XR 24 Pro

Development of all dental films and formats. Professional menu guidance at the push of a button.

Process-controlled development process guarantees optimum image quality.

  • Simpler service through supply of the machine data at the push of a button
  • Very simple and time-saving in operation
  • Floating covers prolong the service life of the chemicals
  • Immersion tank technology ensures consistently high image quality by avoiding crystallisation of the chemicals
  • Comprehensive accessories such as daylight and darkroom attachments, regeneration unit and collecting tank as well as X-ray chemicals and cleaning sets

Technical dataXR 24 Pro
Voltage (V)230
Frequency (Hz)50 - 60
Current consumption (A)4
Power (W)950
Heating capacity (W)Bath heating 400, drying 450
Heating timeapprox. 20 min (0.5øC / min)
Pass time (min)2:45 - 20:00
Water flow rate (l/min)2
Water pressure (bar)min./max. 2/6
Tank volume (l)Developer/fixer 5 each
Dimensions (H x W x D cm)44 x 42 x 51
Weight (kg)25


Periomat Plus

Automatic developer for intraoral X-ray films. With the Dürr Periomat Intrachemie, it develops up to eight films in only five minutes.

  • Flap for manual development in the darkroom. Endofilms with images of the root channel required only for checking and do not have to be saved can be easily dipped in the baths using tongs
  • The water replacement systems saves labour and timeDuring water changing that has to be carried out twice a week, the assistant simply allows the water to run out through the tank drain
  • Flashing of the main switch after turning on until the chemicals have reached the necessary temperature and are therefore ready for use
  • A temperature sensor simplifies emptying of the baths and hence replacement of the chemicals

Technical dataPeriomat Plus
Voltage (V)230
Frequency (Hz)50
Current consumption (A)1.8
Power (W)400
Cyclic duration factor100%
Process time (min)5
Bath temperature (øC)24
Dimensions (H x W x D cm)40 x 63 x 25
Weight (kg)11.5

Durr Dental X-ray Film Development Brochure