Dürr Dental Suction Systems & Vacuum Pumps

Do you need a new dental suction system for your surgery or dental practice? Dürr Dental have a first-class reputation for the quality of their dental equipment, including some of the very best dental suction systems on the market today. Since 1955 Dürr Dental have been perfecting the dental suction process that has led to the development of a range of dental suction units.

From developing the first mobile dental suction pump to a suction system that enabled dentists to treat patients in the supine position, Dürr Dental really do lead the way when it comes to dental suction equipment. When you use a Dürr dental vacuum pump you really will feel the difference that using quality suction equipment can bring, with a solution available for every size of surgery and laboratory.

High quality dental vacuum pumps

For example, the VSA 300 S dental vacuum unit or the Variosuc or VC45 mobile units, are ideal for use at a single treatment station, while their range of V- and VS Suction Units mean that up to four operators can use one unit simultaneously. Their suction systems are powerful, ultra-reliable and give operators the exact amount of performance they need.

Furthermore, as all the systems are made to very high specifications, they produce consistent full suction power despite their exposure to waste water, saliva, blood and filling materials.

Robust and long-lasting suction machines from the market leader

When you choose to invest in a Dürr Dental suction system you can look to reduce your operating and maintenance costs, and have the peace of mind that your equipment is not going to let you down at the wrong time.

Plus, when you buy your dental suction system from Ivoclar Vivadent, you’ll also get our own service guarantee with access to our factory trained technicians for servicing and parts.

The dry V Suction Systems

Sophisticated technology with convincing suction power.

High-quality, robust drive motors, reliable continuous operation, great suction power within seconds, and flexible installation options.

The dry air suction systems by Durr Dental are extremely powerful yet run really quietly. The V suction units are called dry systems because the aspirated substances are quickly guided into a separation/amalgam elimination unit. These components are integrated into the Dental Unit. Only dry air reaches the suction unit.

Seven to eight hours of continuous operation are not unusual. This places high demands on the technology. Durr Dental V suction machines fulfil these requirements tirelessly. The contact-free, rotating turbine wheels generate the required vacuum and flow rate (suction power). A reliable electric motor enables non-stop operation. To reliably protect against condensated water, all models are fitted with a condensate separator as standard.


DryV300 SV 600 V 900 SV 1200V 2400
Voltage230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)400 V (3 phase)400 V (3 phase)
Treatment Chairs1 to 22 to 33 to 54 to 6Up to 14
Simultaneous operators12348
Integrated amalgam retention (or with CA4 installation)

The wet VS Suction Systems

Durr Dental provides the right suction solution for every surgery.

When it comes to the remodelling or modernization of a dental surgery, VS combination suction units can be used even in difficult installation conditions.

“VS“ stands for the combination of vacuum generation and separation. VS suction units are called wet systems because the entire suction and separation function is combined centrally in a VS suction unit on one drive shaft. This allows significant savings to be made. For example, there is no need for separate separation machines on the Dental Units and some of the operating costs of traditional systems – such as water ring pumps – are no longer relevant.

Durr Dental VS Suction Systems are power packs that you can rely on. They can aspirate large quantities of liquids and serve up to four operators at the same time without interruption.

Thanks to the integrated two-stage separation system, the aspiration of secretions and blood foam into the turbine space is reliably prevented. The drive of the combination suction unit runs smoothly and without vibration and is extremely reliable.

All important functional elements have corrosion protection finish, which contribute to their extraordinary long service lives.


WetVS300 SVSA300 SVS 600VS 900 SVS 1200 S
Voltage230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)400 V (3 phase)
Treatment Chairs1 to 21 to 22 to 33 to 54 to 6
Simultaneous operators11234
Integrated amalgam retention (or with CA4 installation)

Special & MobileVC 45Variosuc
Voltage230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)
Treatment Chairs11
Simultaneous operators11
Integrated amalgam retention (or with CA4 installation)

Tyscor Radial V/VS Suction System

In addition to Durr Dental’s usual quality and reliability, the newly developed suction systems of the premium Tyscor line have radial technology, are 50% lighter and give a potential energy saving of more than 50 %. They really set standards with regard to performance and effi ciency.

An intelligent control allows also operation with two Tyscor suction machines connected to only one suction line – for perfect operational reliability.

  • Reliable - thanks to high-quality components
  • Energy-efficient - energy saving of more than 50 %
  • Compact and light
  • Network-capable thanks to Tyscor Pulse software
  • Can be retrofitted to convert a dry suction machine into a wet suction machine
  • Demand-oriented power consumption
  • An intelligent control allows operation with two Tyscor suction machines connected to only one suction line

Suction machineTyscor VS 2 Tyscor V 2
Voltage230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)
Treatment Chairs33
Simultaneous operators22

Suction and Separation

The VSA systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact unit. Completely configured with hose lines, connections and a control unit, the VSA 1200 and VSA 900 systems, for example, simplify integration in every surgery, and it does not matter whether they are for new facilities or a modernisation measure. Moreover, central suction and separation improve efficiency compared to systems in the treatment units, as they minimise or even eliminate costs for additional automatic separators, for example.

  • Maximum suction force without delay
  • Variable, space-saving installation
  • The two-stage separation brings high foam tolerance
  • Suitable for up to 6 treatment units

Generation Tyscor – Latest suction unit technology and software connection

The Tyscor VS 2 suction unit is modular in design with a high-performance, energy-efficient centrifugal suction motor and a separate separation stage. The integrated electronics allow control and monitoring of the suction unit via the Tyscor Pulse software. In addition, the amalgam separators with standard network connection are not only installed plug & play ready, but can be integrated just as easily into the surgery-supply system digital monitoring and control system via the Tyscor Pulse software. This means the staff always know the status of the devices.


VSA SystemsVSA 300 SVSA 600 VSA 900 SVSA 1200Tyscor VSA 2
Voltage230 V (1 phase)230 V (1 phase)400 V (3 phase)400 V (3 phase)230 V (1 phase)
Treatment Chairs13563
Simultaneous operators12342
Max. fluid flow rate (l/min)510162410
Integrated amalgam retention

Amalgam Separation

CA 1

CA 1 Amalgam Separation for wet and dry systems

For equipping an individual treatment space with an amalgam separator, the CA 1 amalgam separator with self-cleaning centrifuge in the practical housing is the ideal solution. The unit is also suitable for the refitting of a single-station suction unit with integrated separation, such as the Dürr Dental VS 300 S.

  • Can be used externally in housings suitable for surgeries
  • Two-stage separation
  • Low-noise, vibration-free operation due to uncoupled connections
  • Hydrodynamic self-cleaning function for the amalgam centrifuge
  • Simple and flexible installation
  • Tested amalgam separation rate of roughly 98 %
  • Refittable rinsing unit for hygienically safe operation

CA 2

CA 2 The solution for 2 operators

The CA 2 amalgam separator has the pressure compensation vessel already installed ex works. This reduces the installation expenditure to a minimum. Together with the VS 600 suction unit or the new Tyscor VS 2, it is the optimal solution for two operators.

  • Centrifugal separator with hydrodynamic self-cleaning function
  • Separation rate of > 95 %
  • Electronic monitoring of the filling level
  • All necessary components integrated
  • Electronic monitoring of the filling level
  • Large collector container for a long operating life
  • Compact and light

CA 4

CA 4 Amalgam Separator - the universal solution

Attractive design, excellent performance and a convenient disposal concept make the Ca 4 amalgam separator from Durr Dental a system unit which is convincing in every detail.

Perfectly equipped for the connection of several treatment units, the unit offers superior state-of-the-art technology.

The CA 4 works according to the centrifugal principle with hydrodynamic self-cleaning. as soon as waste water is available from the treatment unit, the system automatically switches on. a visual display provides information on the current operating condition at all times.

  • Centrifugal separator with hydrodynamic self-cleaning function
  • Reliable, automatic filling level check
  • Connection of several treatment units
  • High flow rate of up to 16 l/min
  • Separation rate of 98.9 %
  • Sensors control the CA 4 on demand

CS1 and CAS 1

CS 1 and CAS 1 - separation for dry systems

The CS 1 Combi-Sepamatic and the CAS 1 Combi-Separator from Durr Dental are a valuable supplement to every treatment unit. The units are appealing due to their quiet, but powerful drive, and easily cope with hour-long treatments with large amounts of fluid. Two-stage separation effectively prevents blood foam from being carried along during aspiration, thus protecting the dry suction unit connected at the back.

The CS 1 Combi-Sepamatic is a purely automatic separator.

The CAS 1 Combi-Separator integrates air/water separation and amalgam separation. Both units can be integrated in the treatment unit as well as externally.

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