Carestream CS 3600 Intraoral Camera

Fast, accurate and easy digital impression capture

Whether your practice handles restorative, orthodontic or implant cases, the CS 3600 intraoral scanner from Carestream Dental puts smarter scanning in your hands. With fast, accurate and easy digital impression capture, both you and your patients benefit from improved treatment planning and a streamlined workflow.

Clinically Tested. Statistically Superior.

Accuracy is the combination of two important and complementary elements: trueness and precision. Trueness refers to whether a measurement matches the actual quantity being measured, while precision indicates the ability of that measurement to be consistently repeated.

According to “Accuracy of Four Intraoral Scanners in Oral Implantology: A Comparative In-Vitro Study”1), the CS 3600 surpassed leading competitors by delivering the best performance in terms of overall trueness.

Not only did the CS 3600 have the best trueness results, it was also “significantly better” than the three other intraoral scanners. Because the “CS 3600 gave the best trueness results,” the study recommends its use in “similar clinical settings.”

The final takeaway gleaned from the study was that “no statistically significant differences were found in the precision among the four different IOS (intraoral scanners).”

1) Imburgia et al. BMC Oral Health (2017) 17:92 DOI 10.1186/s12903-017-0383-4


Harness the Power of Intraoral Scanning

At your practice, every second counts. Every extra step during image acquisition is a distraction from your daily work. Fortunately, when digital scanning is made simple and easy, you have more time for diagnosis, treatment planning and, more importantly, time to focus on what really matters—caring for your patients. Carestream Dental intraoral scanners transform your practice by helping you and your patients move quickly and comfortably from exam to treatment. And now, with two great scanners to choose from, you can find a solution that meets your exact clinical needs for fast, easy and accurate digital imaging.

High-Speed Continuous Scanning

Continuous scanning allows the user to scan in a smooth, uninterrupted manner, greatly reducing the time it takes to capture a digital impression. This high speed makes it ideal for time-consuming dual arch scans.

Choose the Tip that Suits Your Needs

Comfortable scanning is made possible with the CS 3600. The normal tip is ideal for general scanning, while the interchangeable and unique side-oriented tip is specifically designed with a lower tip height to help scan in difficult-to-reach areas like the buccal, occlusal and posterior regions, while the posterior tip is designed specifically for scanning the posterior region in children and adults with smaller mouths. All styles are autoclavable to support optimal sterilization for infection control and can be used up to 60 times.* The CS 3600 tips also offer the shortest height of any autoclavable tips in the market, making it comfortable for even the smallest mouths.

*Tips can be autoclaved up to 60 times if the exposure is limited to 134˚C at no more than 4 minutes and if gauze is used, as outlined in the CS 3600 Family Safety, Regulatory, and Technical Guide (9J8269)​


Intuitive Features for Improved Clinical Outcomes

Reach expert scanning level quickly with live scanning warnings that provide feedback in real time, indicating areas of the scan that lack detail and require additional scanning to optimize your clinical outcome.Green arrows guide the way: Green arrows display the ideal direction in which the user should rescan missing information, providing real-time feedback that significantly increases scanning efficiency. Get alerted of missing data: Yellow and green highlights alert you of any gaps or holes in the scan, indicating that the area needs to be rescanned for optimal detail.

Confirm your preparation

Undercut check automatically detects undercuts based on the selected area, helping to ensure your digital impression is optimal for the restoration. Aesthetic scans that reflect reality: Self-adaptive filling automatically identifies holes and selects the appropriate anatomical color for the optimal aesthetic outcome.

CS Advantage

Maximize your investment with CS Advantage. In order for you to get the most value from your Carestream Dental imaging solution, you need services that go beyond the point of purchase. We created CS Advantage to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your new system.

CS Advantage for equipment encompasses these three service pillars:

  • CS Protect: extend the terms of the standard warranty that comes with your system and increase the length of the coverage that best suits your needs
  • CS Update: Immediate access to the latest updates available for your software
  • CS Support: covering training and support service for continuing education and ongoing support for the best possible equipment and software experience and to get the most out of your purchase

Christopher T. Harris, D.D.S., M.S.

“I have no hesitation in recommending the CS 3600 intraoral scanner. It is extremely easy to work with. We are able to do full scanning with both arches and bite registration in six minutes. The refinement capabilities are amazing, automatically removing extraneous and irrelevant data—like the tongue or the cheek—without requiring us to go back and actively erase and rescan. We end up with an accurate, distortion-free representation of our patients’ teeth every single time.

There’s also tremendous workflow improvement. Using the CS 3600 has allowed us to complete treatment with fewer appointments and significantly cut the turnaround time for creating appliances.”


Stephen D. Poss, D.D.S.

“Intraoral scanning makes our process much easier and simpler from the standpoint of accuracy and workflow. There’s no worrying about packing up models and sending them to the lab. I tell my patients, ‘Usually before the temporary crown is on, the case has already been delivered to the lab.’ So expediency is a very important aspect, in addition to accuracy.

The CS 3600 is very intuitive. It’s easy enough that you can delegate the process of scanning. We had one day of Carestream Dental training, but after that my assistant began using it immediately to scan opposing arches and get things ready for me. The system prompts you at every stage. The images are so fast and clear, which is the biggest thing for me—whether it’s a single crown or quadrant or full arch.”


Dr. Robert Waugh, Waugh & Allen Orthodontics, Athens, GA

The CS 3600 intraoral scanner is the preferred scanner in my practice. The refinement is faster and my staff can get in and get the job done in a quick but accurate way. The scanner is comfortable to use; lightweight and portable. It’s very slick."


Matthew Nichols, D.D.S. Manchester, Tenn.

“I chose the CS 3600 due to the speed, clarity of the images and the open nature of the images. My staff loves the scanner because of how easy it is to use—they were able to pick it up after scanning only one or two patients.

When combined with the CS 9600 system and Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning module, I find that planning my implant cases is much easier. In only five minutes, you can plan an entire case in front of your patients. And, because the images are captured in an open format, I am able to use third-party surgical planning software and print the guides within my office.”

Carestream CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner Brochure