Anthos R7 Dental Chair

Infinite solutions.

This is the universal integrated treatment centre, highly adaptable, modular and featuring numerous configuration solutions.
The Classe R7 meets the needs of dental surgeons by offering ergonomic solutions compatible with all operating styles. Wherever it's used, from private clinics to hospital dentistry departments, the Classe R7 is indubitably the right choice.
From complete integration to simple modularity, this model always offers just the right combination of features.
One unit, a hundred solutions.



A variety of versions

The Continental version makes the most of the manoeuvrability of the individual dental unit modules. By enhancing interaction within the dental team, workflows are smoothed and streamlined.

The International version presents the instruments on the dentist's module in order to reflect the natural movements of dental surgeons.

Whether right-handed or left-handed, the Cart solution offers an immediate response. The mobility of the dentist's module is perfect for any workplace and allows optimal positioning of the operating instruments.


Modular Configuration

In its modular configuration, the Anthos R7 allows the dentist to personalise the dental unit according to his specific workplace and work-based needs. The multiplicity of solutions ensures effective use of available surgery space, aiding freedom of movement around the patient chair and within the room.

Ergonomic flexibility. In surgeries with a centralized wet loop suction system, the version with assistant's module and without unit body can be completed by applying the dentist's module arm or the Cart solution.

Integrated suction. The patient chair can be completed with the addition of the assistant's module, which houses two cannulae and two instruments.

Chair with cuspidor. Anthos also offers a Classe R7 version without dentist's module, consisting of a unit body and assistant's module which includes the turbine module.


Ambidextrous Version

In its complete version, with unit body, dentist's module and assistant's module, the Classe R7 can, in just a few quick moves, be converted from a right-handed dental unit to a left-handed one.


Personalise your Anthos R7

  • Made-To-Measure Performance

    i-MMs. A single micromotor suitable for any type of use, from conservative dentistry to oral surgery, with LED lighting. i-MMrL. Extremely compact, with LED lighting, perfect for conservative and prosthetic dentistry.

  • Operating Lights

    A complete range of operating lights for the dental surgery that includes a powerful, ergonomic latest-generation LED light. Anthos offers a selection of operating lights, either incorporated on the dental unit or as ceiling-mounted versions, either on rails or fixed.

  • ZEN-X Sensor

    X-ray sensor integrated with the dentist's module and fully managed via the multimedia software of the dental unit. Readily available precision diagnostics and - thanks to careful shaping that ensures smooth adaptation to the oral anatomy - excellent comfort.

  • Re-positionable Control Panel

    To transform the dentist’s module from a right-handed to a left-handed configuration and vice versa, the user simply detaches the control panel (smart touch display), rotates the connector 180° and repositions the panel on the opposite side of the module.

Anthos R7 Brochure