Anthos A6 Plus Dental Chair

Smart design.

Evolution has a goal: to perfect the perfectible.
Classe A6 Plus is where smart design meets multi-functional brilliance.
Classe A6 Plus provides nothing less than a touch of luxury.
The choice is truly comprehensive.

Several optional systems and innovations have been designed by Anthos for incorporation on this dental unit, which blends strong styling with powerful performance.
Yet the real beauty of this dental unit lies in its sheer practicality and the resulting wealth of opportunities.



Two versions

Both dentist and assistant enjoy unhindered access to the operating zone. Patient chair shaping, which features a tapered lumbar area and the new small-size chair base, ensures an approach that is smooth and very comfortable. While the wide backrest cradles the patient comfortably, an optional narrow version makes even more space available to for the dental team.

A specially shaped instrument control panel on Continental models, which features two distinct zones - one for patient chair controls and another, arranged underneath the display, with the main function keys - offers both ergonomics and outstanding working comfort.




Live Diagnosis

Exceptionally user-friendly performance thanks to the integration of a cutting-edge x-ray system with exclusive devices that combine outstanding design with intuitive practicality

The Zen-X sensor is incorporated on the dentist's module. It is always at the user's disposal and always connected to the dental unit control centre. The digital control device (LCD control panel) offers a comprehensive range of user-friendly exposure programmes: all the user needs to do is to select the region of interest before capturing the image. RXDC automatically defines the right exposure. The X-ray image appears on the monitor on the dental unit.

Choose your colour

Dental units can be personalised by choosing one of the available unit body colour schemes. Each colour enhances form and design in its own individual way.

Thanks to a wide selection of upholstery colours -standard or with special anatomical padding- the dentist is also free to match the colours so they suit the dental surgery, giving the workplace an added touch of style.






Spatial Geometry

Classe A6 Plus enhances team work.

Fluid manoeuvrability allows attainment of ideal operating positions, whatever the treatment being carried out confident, secure interaction, smooth instrument switchovers, fluidity of movement: with classe A6 plus it's time to discover the pleasure of true teamwork.

Personalise your Anthos A6 Plus

  • i-MMr and i-MMrL Induction Micromotors

    Extremely light, ergonomic induction micromotors that provide outstanding performance, smoothly integrated with dental unit electronics and with full memory and function control. Ideal for daily use in conservative and prosthetic dentistry. Available with or without LED lighting.

  • Automatic cannulae and suction circuit wash system

    Minimises the manual tasks required of the assistant. Easy-to-use automatic solutions for daily cleaning tasks.

  • Passive Hygiene

    Anthos dental units are built according to a passive protection principle that minimises the risk of contamination for both the patient and the dental team. Multiple solutions and devices lower contamination risks thanks to the conscientious design of every detail.

  • ZEN-X Sensor

    X-ray sensor integrated with the dentist's module and fully managed via the multimedia software of the dental unit. Readily available precision diagnostics and - thanks to careful shaping that ensures smooth adaptation to the oral anatomy - excellent comfort.

Anthos A6 Plus Brochure