Anthos A5 Plus Dental Chair

More than versatile.

Today, the configuration range on the Classe A5 is wider than ever.

Ergonomics to suit every operating style, integrated Anthos brand instruments, an extensive choice of foot controls and operating lights, various hygiene systems, options and colour schemes: versatility in every sense of the word.



A variety of versions

Free to configure the Classe A5 as they see fit, dentists can adapt it to their specific needs to create a valuable tool that provides the practicality, performance and reliability that is so essential in their profession.

  • Continental

  • Continental Short Arm

  • Hygienist

  • Cart

  • Cart with chair

  • International

Anthos A5-patient-comfort

Patient Comfort

Backrests. There is also the choice between a wide, comfortable backrest or a more compact version that makes more space available around the patient.

Anatomical padding. Patient comfort is maximised by anatomical padding that provides optimal support, especially welcome during long treatment sessions.

Personalise your Anthos A5 Plus

  • Trendelenburg Movement

    The patient chair features excellent vertical excursion and is programmed to go to the Trendelenburg position.

  • i-MMr and i-MMrL Induction Micromotors

    Extremely light, ergonomic induction micromotors that provide outstanding performance, smoothly integrated with dental unit electronics and with full memory and function control. Ideal for daily use in conservative and prosthetic dentistry. Available with or without LED lighting.

  • Scalers

    Anthos u-PZ ultrasound scalers. Ultrasound handpieces with a broad choice of tips, also for root canal cleaning. The ultrasound scalers of the u-PZ series are ideal for supragingival prophylaxis and more invasive periodontic tasks. Safe, efficient operation ensures maximum soft tissue protection.

  • O.D.R.

    Installed as standard on all Anthos units, the O.D.R. (Out Drop no Retraction) device avoids any retraction of residual droplets left on the instrument tip.  The O.D.R. system is much more effective than the old anti-retraction valves used on previous generations of dental unit.

Anthos A5 Plus Brochure