Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair

Practical, reliable, flexible and safe.

Designed and built inside Europe's first dental unit production hub, the Anthos A3 Plus embodies all the key values of the Anthos brand: practicality, reliability, flexibility and safety.

What makes this model so exceptional is the simple, rational design choice of incorporating functions and performance of outstanding quality: advanced hygiene systems, induction micromotor, an instrument control panel with numerical display and a pneumatically-stabilised dentist's module arm.


Two versions to choose from

Exceeding expectations constitutes the first step in the Anthos quest for total quality.

For example, the Anthos A3 Plus is a compact, flexible model that stands out thanks to performance levels usually reserved for high-end dental units. The new dental unit structure is nicely compact, especially on the Continental version with an arm measuring just 50 cm. Moreover, the patient chair 'footprint' is smaller.
A new patient chair, tough yet slender and shaped to perfection, allows personnel to move in closer to the patient in greater comfort.
On the International model it is possible to incorporate both the transthoracic tray holder module and the panoramic X-ray viewer.

Anthos A3 Plus Continental

Anthos A3 Plus International


Foot Controls

The foot control has been designed to provide practicality, user-friendliness and offer an additional, effective means of ensuring workplace hygiene.

An intelligent multi-function foot control that operates numerous dental unit functions means nothing less than all-round advantages. From a working comfort viewpoint, the 3 main ergonomic designs incorporate essential controls for the patient chair, operating light and the dynamic instruments. Using the foot control also enhances hygiene-related safety.

Personalise your Anthos A3 Plus

  • S.H.S. Feed System

    The independent SHS feed system resolves issues associated with mains water quality and allows disinfection cycles to be carried out. This system allows water to be supplied to the dental unit via a dedicated tank and provides two key functions: water feed to dental unit independently from mains water; manually controlled tubing disinfection cycle.

  • i-MMr and i-MMrL Induction Micromotors

    Extremely light, ergonomic induction micromotors that provide outstanding performance, smoothly integrated with dental unit electronics and with full memory and function control. Ideal for daily use in conservative and prosthetic dentistry. Available with or without LED lighting.

  • Trendelenburg Movement

    The patient chair features excellent vertical excursion and is programmed to go to the Trendelenburg position.

  • Passive Hygiene

    Fully removable front cover on instrument module.
    Instrument support mat made of autoclavable silicone.
    The stainless steel tray holder is interchangeable and autoclavable.

Anthos A3 Plus Brochure