Anthos Dental Chairs & Stools

Anthos, Italy's leading producer of dental units, provides products designed to ensure all dentists have a model that suits their individual working style. For over 60 years now, an extensive product range, outstanding design, officially recognised quality and excellent performance have made this brand a popular choice with dentists worldwide.


Anthos L9 Dental Chair

Anthos rewrites the rules on ergonomics. We've imagined a new way of working, more immediate, more effective, where ergonomics merges with operational freedom to provide enhanced performance, where technological innovation becomes cutting-edge professionalism, where practicality, design and flexibility combine to create a whole new crossover concept.


Anthos L6 Dental Chair

Improved practicality, smoother simplicity. 

The Anthos range now includes a new line, more compact, flexible and user-friendly than ever. Anthos L6 has been designed and built to optimise your time efficiency, maximise your effectiveness and make your day more productive.

Easily personalised with a full range of hygiene systems, instruments, multimedia devices and integrated X-ray units, the Anthos L6 ensures optimal performance, provides more space and enhances working flexibility.


Anthos R7

This is the universal integrated treatment centre, highly adaptable, modular and featuring numerous configuration solutions.

The Classe R7 meets the needs of dental surgeons by offering ergonomic solutions compatible with all operating styles. Wherever it's used, from private clinics to hospital dentistry departments, the Classe R7 is indubitably the right choice.

From complete integration to simple modularity, this model always offers just the right combination of features.

One unit, a hundred solutions.


Anthos A7 Plus

An indispensable tool on one hand, a dental unit complete in every sense on the other. Thanks to the underlying technological configuration, open to all integrated Anthos systems, Anthos A7 Plus can be expanded, immediately or at a later date, with ultra-high performance instruments, X-ray and multimedia systems, and advanced hygiene systems.

Dentists who choose Anthos A7 Plus know they can personalise their dental unit according to the specific needs of today and tomorrow, whatever their field of specialization, from conservative dentistry to implantology.


Anthos A6 Plus

Evolution has a goal:to perfect the perfectible.

Classe A6 Plus is where intelligent design meets multi-functional brilliance.

Classe A6 Plus provides nothing less than a touch of luxury and a comprehensive range of choices.

Several optional systems and innovations have been designed by Anthos for incorporation on this dental unit, which blends strong styling with powerful performance.

Yet the real beauty of this dental unit lies in its sheer practicality and the resulting wealth of opportunities.


Anthos A5 Plus

Today, the configuration range on the Classe A5 is wider than ever.

Ergonomics to suit every operating style, integrated Anthos brand instruments, an extensive choice of foot controls and operating lights, various hygiene systems, options and colour schemes: versatility in every sense of the word.

Free to configure the Anthos A5 as they see fit, dentists can adapt it to suit their specific needs, thus creating a valuable tool that provides the practicality, performance and reliability that is so essential to their profession.


Anthos A3 Plus

Designed and built inside Europe’s first dental unit production hub, the A3 Plus embodies all the key values of the Anthos brand: practicality, reliability, flexibility and safety.

What makes this model so exceptional is the simple design choice of incorporating functions and performance of outstanding quality: advanced hygiene systems, induction micromotor, instrument control panels with numerical display, pneumatically-stabilised dentist’s module arm.


Anthos Stools

Anthos manufactures 3 stools for the dental surgeon and for the assistant.

All of them are available in the same colour range as the patient chairs.

Alongside 2 conventional stools, S7 and S8, a third version with advanced erognomic features is available, the S9.