Anthos L9 Dental Chair

A new way of working has begun.

Anthos rewrites the rules on ergonomics. We've imagined a new way of working, more immediate, more effective, where ergonomics merges with operational freedom to provide enhanced performance, where technological innovation becomes cutting-edge professionalism, where practicality, design and flexibility combine to create a whole new crossover concept.

More reassurance. We've created a patient chair with a seat articulated at the knee joint to make patient access quick and easy.

More freedom. We've designed a more flexible dentist's module that provides a helping hand whatever the circumstances.

More effectiveness. We've created a compact unit body and an adjustable module, perfectly equipped to smooth the assistants' work.

New Crossover Design.


Two versions to choose from

Anthos L9 Continental

Compactness, new ergonomics and mobility. The powered footrest and compact structure of the unit body keep everything compact, improve ergonomics and smooth workflows. Outstanding flexibility ensures the Continental model provides absolute working freedom. Rotation of the arm means the dentist’s module can be positioned at the side of the unit body.

Anthos L9 Side Delivery

A reassuring initial approach, a warm welcome and extraordinary comfort. Side Delivery puts patients who prefer to settle into the patient chair without seeing the instruments at their ease. Full freedom of movement and unlimited space allow for unobstructed workflows where dentist and team can operate unhindered, confidently and professionally.


Intuitive Control

Efficiency stems from control of every parameter, setting and detail. For the most part, effective diagnosis and treatment is aided by perfect integration of systems, instruments and diagnostic/communication devices. That integration is ensured at all times, letting dentists control the entire platform via a single software solution and focus all their attention on the patient.

Immediate Diagnostics

The cross-device system allows simultaneous display of intraoral and X-ray images on multiple integrated screens. A preview image appears immediately on the Full Touch display where it is possible to zoom, rotate and adjust contrast or colour. The image can then be saved directly on a connected PC or shown on the integrated 19" LED monitor as desired.

Easy Access

The powered footrest provides patients with unobstructed access to the seat, which is positioned at an optimal height whatever their build.

Independent Backrest Movement

Because footrest retraction is not automatic, patients are provided with secure lower limb support at all times, even with the backrest raised.


Personalise your Anthos L9

  • Full Touch Interface

    Consisting entirely of a 5.7" touch-screen display, the control panel provides a clear overview of instrument data and dental unit systems via simple icons that ensure easy system browsing and immediate access to parameter personalisation. An Ethernet connection also guarantees access to local networks without having to switch on an external PC.

  • Advanced Instrument Range

    u-Pz ultrasound scalers. Indicated for supragingival prophylaxis and more invasive tasks of the periodontal type, scalers are also used for the preparation of small cavities and in endodontic root canal cleaning techniques.

  • Easy On The Eyes

    An operating light that correctly illuminates the treatment zone significantly reduces eye fatigue. VENUS PLUS – L LED, the optional dual-reflector LED operating light, combines ergonomics with LED power to provide balanced, intelligent lighting of the operating zone.

  • Protection Against Legionnaire’s Disease

    Certified by the Sapienza University of Rome, the BIOSTER process with Peroxy Ag+, executed using cycles with 10-minute contact times, provides a highly effective disinfectant action against mycobacteria, bacteria, including Legionella, and partial protection against spores.


Intersecting Benefits

  1. Excellent arm mobility eliminates the barriers of traditional ergonomics to ensure enhanced teamwork.
  2. The latest-generation software and instrument panel provide exceptional performance with all-encompassing user-friendly control.
  3. A design that adapts well to even the smallest surgeries means more room and full freedom of movement for the dental team.
  4. Advanced hygiene devices and disinfection systems protect anyone coming into contact with the dental unit.
  5. The powered footrest, intelligently synchronised with the backrest, gives unprecedented comfort levels.


C-U2 camera. Ergonomic, with glass optics and an HD sensor, the new digital camera offers pin-sharp images and is fully integrated with the dental unit electronics. Connection to the integrated LED monitor allows transmission of magnified 'live' video images.

RXDC HyperSphere +. High frequency X-ray system with one-of-a-kind electro-mechanical positioning system.

Zen-X. Digital X-ray sensor integrated with the dental unit control software, housed on the dentist's module.


Anthos L9 Brochure