Anthos L6 Dental Chair

Improved practicality, smoother simplicity.

The Anthos range now includes a new line, more compact, flexible and user-friendly than ever. Anthos L6 has been designed and built to optimise your time efficiency, maximise your effectiveness and make your day more productive.

Easily personalised with a full range of hygiene systems, instruments, multimedia devices and integrated X-ray units, the Anthos L6 ensures optimal performance, provides more space and enhances working flexibility.


Two versions to choose from

Anthos L6 Continental

Plenty of space, lightness and excellent mobility of the dentist's module arm bring about the ideal conditions for smooth working simplicity. User-friendly interaction optimises workflows, bringing benefits for both dentist and assistant.

Anthos L6 Side Delivery

Compactness, solidity and a height-adjustable dentist's module ensure complete compliance with the needs of the dentist. Carefully thought-out design allows instruments to be placed out of sight, providing a more reassuring welcome for patients: this model, in fact, allows the dentist's module to be moved behind the backrest.

Personalise your Anthos A6

  • HD C-U2 Camera

    Ergonomic design and innovative controls. The handpiece, with an extremely thin tip (9.5 mm) and a partially retroflexed 90° angle view, incorporates a capacitive key. This lets dentists zoom in on live video feeds and capture/save freeze-frames.

  • Venus Plus – L LED

    The optional dual-reflector LED operating light, combines ergonomics with LED power to provide balanced, intelligent lighting of the operating zone.


    A semi-automatic system that carries out disinfection of all water circuits simultaneously.
    During the process, the instruments must be arranged in the container located above the cuspidor bowl. A tank, identified by a yellow stripe, is provided along with the BIOSTER S option to store the disinfectant liquid.

  • Brushless Micromotor

    The i-MMrL belongs to the latest generation of induction micromotors and has a speed adjustment range of 100 - 40,000 rpm. Silent, light, extremely compact and equipped with LED lighting, it delivers a maximum torque of 3.3 Ncm. This instrument is highly suitable for conservative and prosthetic dentistry.


Effective Communication

When it comes to diagnosis and informed consent, having a multimedia system incorporated directly on the dental unit speeds up work, enhances efficiency and instils a sense of confidence in patients and assistants alike.

Anthos multimedia devices - which users can select as complements to the dental unit as desired – are all fully integrated with the control software, ensuring greatly enhanced diagnostic efficiency.

Integrated X-ray system, RXDC Hypersphere+ and Zen-X.

High definition images, C-U2 camera and 19” LED Monitor.

Colourful Personality

The Anthos Classe L6 provides plenty of scope for aesthetic personalisation of the dental unit, with 14 different colours for standard padding and 8 for anatomical padding.

It's also possible to personalise the colour match between patient chair and unit body.


Anthos L6 Brochure