A-dec Dental Stools

Seating that is made to perform


A-dec 500 Dental Stools

A-dec 500 Stools. Feature-rich Design. Ultimate Comfort and Support



Three layers of flexible seating conform to your every shift and move. Learn more about the unique individual performance zones.


Easy-to-follow numbered paddles encourage incremental customized adjustments throughout the day—especially important if there are multiple users.



Our dynamic seating system helps your spine maintain a healthy S-shape.


5-year warranty

Product Details

Our new feature-rich A-dec 500 stools have a dynamic seating system with unique performance zones that mold to the shape of the body.

Stool features:

Tilt Seat
Distributes weight from seat to feet allowing proper circulation.

Contoured Backrest
Cradles the spine, while encouraging blood flow. Contoured backrest is standard on the A-dec 521 doctor’s stool and optional on the A-dec 522 assistant’s stool.

Whisper Quiet Casters
New design provides smooth, ultra-quiet movement on both carpet and hard flooring.

Adjustment Controls
Labeled paddles are easy to access for quick adjustments and easy

Backrest Height Control
A push button makes access and one handed adjustments easy.

Minimal seams make clean up easy.

Standard Foot Ring (A-dec 522 Assistant’s Stool)
Helps practitioner maintain correct posture.


Model A-dec 521 Doctor's Stool A-dec 522 Assistant's Stool
Dynamic seating system
Contoured backrest optional
Seat tilt adjustment only with optional backrest
Swing-out armrests optional  
Height-adjustable foot ring  
Foot pedestal   optional

A-dec 400 Dental Stools

Iconic Durability and Comfort.



The ergonomic tilt on the A-dec doctor's stool helps you maintain the natural curve of your back.


Seat height and ergonomic tilt (doctor's stool) and seat height and torso support (assistant's stool) easily adjusts from the seated position.



5-year warranty

Product Details

A-dec 400 Doctor's Stool

Ergonomic tilt helps you maintain the natural curve of your back reducing strain and fatigue.

Large, anatomically-shaped backrest hugs the lower back.

Easy-to-reach levers allow incremental or dynamic hip angle adjustments and seat height adjustment.

Rolled edge helps reduce pressure on the legs and allows for proper circulation.

Smooth rolling, twin-wheeled casters available for tile or carpet.


Stool Cylinder—Find the Right Height
To choose the right stool height, measure from hips to the feet.


  • Above 32" - Choose tall height
  • Under 32" - Choose short height


A-dec 400 Assistant's Stool

Adjustable torso support easily locks in place and can be converted for left or right-handed operators.

Rolled edge helps reduce pressure on the legs and allows for proper circulation.

Height-adjustable foot ring helps assistant maintain correct posture.

Smooth rolling, twin-wheeled casters available for tile or carpet.


Model A-dec 421 Doctor's Stool A-dec 422 Assistant's Stool
Contoured backrest  
Contoured seat
Ergonomic tilt  
Adjustable torso support  
Easy-to-reach adjustment levers
Height-adjustable foot ring  

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