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Sterilizer Lisa

Type B water steam sterilizer

With Class B automatic cycles, a fast cycle for dental handpieces and integrated traceability, W&H is setting new standards in modern dentistry with the Lisa steriliser.

The new Lisa steriliser with the easy to use colour touch screen and user-friendly menu structure fits perfectly into your dental practice.

The faster performance of the new Lisa is based on the patented Eco Dry technology that allows precise management of B-cycle steam sterilisation for an average load (2kg) in 30 minutes.

A wide range of integrated features for traceability reduces paper handling, time and money without requiring additional software or a PC. In addition, the new Lisa Mobile App helps you monitor up to 4 sterilisers at any time and place in the clinic.

The modern and practical aesthetic design enhances the ergonomics and simplifies maintenance making your life easier and more comfortable.

  • Easy to use
  • Full traceability
  • Performance - Eco Dry+
  • Lisa Mobile App
  • Ergonomics

Lina autoclave

Class B, simply profitable

Lina  is a reliable partner which has been adapted to your practice requirements.

Lina autoclaves offer exclusively type B cycles that are suitable for the sterilisation of all types of dental products. With its ease-of-use and practical keypad it is assured to navigate all the sterilisation options easily.

  • Lina's cycle times are reduced by up to half with the short ECO B cycle
  • Silent operation due to the patented
  • Water Separation System
  • You can easily navigate all the sterilization options with Lina’s user-friendly keypad
  • The built-in frame dust filter ensures constant performance levels, reduced maintenance costs and longer service intervals
  • Delayed and programmable cycle start saves cost and time
  • Integrated automatic water filling valve (optional)
  • Automatic digital cycle recording on USB stick (optional)
  • Lina offers you a great price performance ratio
  • Lina is available with chamber size 17 l or 22 l

Reprocessing Devices

Assistina TWIN

Oil service without waiting

The new Assistina TWIN performs your instrument maintenance quicker than ever before. Through the innovative oil nebulisation technology, W&H has been able to reduce the maintenance process to a record time of just 10 seconds.

For lightning quick and incomparably thorough results.

  • Oil service without waiting
  • Running smoothly
  • Oil service in record time
  • Practical for every practice
  • Maximum oil service with minimal consumption

Assistina 301 plus

Maintenance at the touch-of-a-button

The maintenance process starts automatically at the touch of a button. After only 35 seconds, the instrument is perfectly maintained.

The automatic rotational lubrication ensures optimum distribution of the oil and that an even film of lubricant is created. Dirt particles are loosened and removed. The lifespan of the instruments is increased significantly whilst service costs are reduced.

  • Internal and external cleaning options
  • Perfect lubrication
  • Record time

Water Treatment Devices


The water demineralizer system

The water demineralizer system Multidem supplies top quality demineralised water for generating steam in autoclaves. As a result, it ensures consistent and optimized performance, thereby extending the service life of your steriliser or purification unit.

  • Consumed filter cartridges can be replaced quickly and easily without tools.
  • Multidem is suitable for use with many conventional autoclaves and purification units.
  • The spray gun can also be used to fill the sterilisers manually with demineralised water.
  • For Multidem no external power supply is required.
  • The water demineraliser system delivers consistently high water quality thus preventing limescale deposits in the sterilisers.


Water treatment device for distillation from tap water

The use of pure fresh water is absolutely essential for optimal life of your steriliser and of all your instruments.

The Dist produces 4 litres of pure water from tap water. With this volume, used in our sterilizers, where consumption is optimised and reduced to the minimum, up to 16 sterilisation cycles can be carried out.

  • Very simple to use
  • Silent in operation
  • Compact, light and mobile
  • Stainless steel tank, robust and easy to maintain
  • Automatic heater cutout
  • Integrated carbon filter