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Ivoclar Vivadent Equipment Specials


Minimum footprint, maximum productivity

The Asiga MAX is the world's most advanced digital dental 3D printer, offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. With 62um HD print precision, the Asiga MAX is optimised for orthodontics, crown & bridge, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays, and partial dentures in lab and clinical environments.

All Asiga printers are open to materials from any supplier for maximum flexibility and economy.

Asiga Max

Special Price!

$17,988 +GST 
Bonus 1x 1L Dentamodel and 1x 1L Build Tray

Designs for Visions Panoramic Loupes

Introducing the first advancement in telescopic optics in 100 years.

See the bigger picture with the patented panoramic design. Doubles the viewable area over Prismatic Expanded Field optics, and more than quadruples the viewable area over Galilean Standard Field optics.

3.5x precision magnification with an unprecedented 11.1 x 9 cm field of view. Features crisp side-to-side imaging and rectangular shape for maximum peripheral vision.


Special Price!

$4,500 +GST

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Assistina TWIN

Cleans, lubricates and air dries within 10 seconds, for just 15 cents

Through an innovative oil nebulisation technology, W&H has been able to reduce the maintenance process to a record time of just 10 seconds. With the Assistina TWIN, waiting time during the oil service is a thing of the past. It is the first reprocessing device to be equipped with two process chambers that can be used alternately, thus allowing non-stop loading.

Practical for every situation, the Assistina TWIN adapts to the specific requirements of your practice. It can process up to 360 instruments per hour. It features an ergonomic and easy-to-use design, with a wide range of adaptors available.

Ass Twin

Special Price!

$3,800 +GST
Turbine adapter half-price if required!


The AIRFLOW One is for clinicans already equipped with a PIEZON NO PAIN module on their dental unit. 

Receive a bonus AIRFLOW handpiece when you buy an AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master or AIRFLOW One unit!


Special Price!

$10,685 +GST

AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

The AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is the latest EMS innovation for Guided Biofilm Therapy, a unique solution for caries, perio prevention and maintenance. 

AIRFLOW Plus powder comfortably and efficiently removes biofilm, stains and young calculus supra and sub-gingivally reducing the need for hand and power instrumentation. No more rubber cups, brushes and paste. The EMS PIEZON NO PAIN with PS Instrument delivers minimally invasive scaling where needed.

Receive a bonus AIRFLOW handpiece when you buy an AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master or AIRFLOW One unit!


Special Price!

$13,500 +GST

Anthos Chairs

Anthos A3 - from $20,500

  • Made in Italy, providing quality construction, reliability, and proven reputation
  • Cost effective, long-term performance and stylish design, it's the smart entry into the ANTHOS chair range
  • Continental and International versions available


Anthos A5 - from $25,500

  • All the fundamentals of the A3 with the addition of advanced electronic instrumentation, upgraded chair and function, plus digital control of instruments
  • Continental and International versions available


Anthos A7 - from $33,400

  • A dental unit with underlying digital technologies.
  • Open to all Anthos integrated systems, from ultra-high performance instrumentation to the most advanced hygiene systems.
  • Able to be personalised to fit the most demanding dental professional, whatever their field of specialisation.
  • Continental and International versions available


Anthos L9 - from $45,500

  • Simply the best. Taking the ultra-high performance of the Classe A7 further with innovative design solutions.
  • Motorised knee-break patient chair with Unique Cross Over Arm concept
  • For the dental professional who demands the best of performance from their treatment unit
  • Side Delivery and Continental versions available
Anthos Chairs